Stabil rebate

Traverse City, Michigan 1 comment

when my husband purchased his zero turn (7k plus) there was a $10 rebate with the purchase of stabil ..he sent in all the proof of purchase and paper work and has never heard from them ..

it would have been better if they never make the offer than to ignore it .. this is a product he has used in the past and is upset that they would make such a promise and not keep it .. it makes both companies look bad .. this has been 2 years and he is still upset over it ..

he has received many ads from Grasshopper for contests and such and he throws them away ..just thought you should know ..


Mobile, Alabama, United States #1005380

I guess I shouldn't be concerned yet since I've only been waiting

8 months. Mine was for $10 also. I kept a copy of everything I

sent in.

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